Doris day dating black men

Perhaps that’s why she is now said to have tentatively co-oper­ated in writer David Kaufman’s biography The Untold Story Of The Girl Next Door, which has just been published.

Tales have subsequently emerged of a woman with a voracious sexual appetite.A maitre d’ at one of her favourite restaurants, Comden had flirted with Day, realising that the way to her heart was through her dogs, for whom he used to supply plentiful leftovers.Having asked her out and been refused, he persisted and – according to Kaufman – accompanied Day home after another date.“You doubtless know the remark dear Oscar Levant [the American pianist] once made about me – ‘I knew her before she was a virgin’.Well, I’m not the All-American Virgin Queen and I’d like to deal with the true, honest story of who I really am.Day’s retreat from public life in 1985 at the age of 60 followed four failed marriages in which she was beaten, humiliated and saw her fortune embezzled from her, leaving her near to bankruptcy.Given all this, it seems hardly surprising that she is keen to distance herself from her past but she is still annoyed that her image as Hollywood’s original Virgin Queen persists.In his book, Kaufman claims that Day once enjoyed a brief but passionate affair with late American baseball player Mickey Mantle.Day met Mantle on the set of the 1962 movie That Touch Of Mink.According to Kaufman, and rival biographer David Bret, whose Doris Day: Reluctant Star was published last month, Day was not only the sunshine in the lives of a nation that had spent too long under the Cold War cloud of the Fifties.She was also massively vulnerable, a catastrophically poor judge of men, a lousy businesswoman and a bottomless pit of insecurities.

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