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I know that it should be "natural" as to the pairings, but it seems like Duo Dater might be setting some of its users up for getting their feelings hurt by their best friends.Now, this happens to me on a daily basis, because all of my friends are jerks, but other people might not be ready to see a friend steal away the date they were trying to make eyes at all night.

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They've made the enrollment process easy enough; now it is a matter of attracting a large enough pool of Duo Daters that the service can actually match up pairs of singles.

Here's a screenshot of the activity choosing feature for San Francisco, where Duo Dater was developed and is based: Here's a shot of the main Duo Dater interface; my friend Charlie and I formed a (dashing) duo, filled out the information we wanted to be public, and are now ready to meet and greet the ladies of New York City: Unfortunately, we cannot meet and greet the ladies of New York City quite yet, as the service is still limited to the San Francisco/Bay Area.

And while there is no definite timetable for Duo Dater to spread Eastward two-by-two, Flachner does expect his site to begin its expansion "soon." Aside from currently only existing 3000 miles from where I live, Duo Dater is going to have to overcome a few other obstacles in order for it to be successful.

Having a friend with you on a date can help your real personality come through, Flachner says.

Actually, the way Flachner frames it, Duo Dater is kind of like the bowl of porridge from Goldilocks that is "just right." One-on-one dating sites like and OKCupid are intimidating and awkward; group dating sites like the three-on-three Grouper and up-to-ten-at-a-time Ignighter are too large to make a real connection and too difficult to coordinate logistics-wise.

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