Driver sd needs updating ubuntu

This is easy, it’s in the same place as the kernel: With luck after hitting Enter, you’ll boot through to Ubuntu. This is much, much easier than before — the driver is included with stock Ubuntu.If it boots but you get dropped to a Busybox prompt, you got everything correct apart from the root location. We just need to copy across an nvram file from our firmware to the driver firmware, so open a terminal and type (replace XXXXXX with the real name — just press tab to autocomplete): to update Grub.Remove the USB stick and reboot, and you should now have a self-sufficient booting system. To get backlight, hotkeys, tablet keys, etc working, we’ll need a newer, patched kernel.

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The installer might fail when installing the bootloader.Prepare the stick any way you like, but when done, browse to the EFI/Boot directory, and place this bootloader (named bootia32.efi) there.This bootloader was compiled from source using the latest Grub2.You can jump straight to “Install Ubuntu” once the Grub menu pops up — no need to edit anything any more.In the installer, the partitioning scheme you choose is up to you — but you will need to preserve the EFI partition, so don’t just partition the entire disk for Ubuntu.If you don’t trust random downloaded files from the Internet (and you shouldn’t), you can find the instructions for building it yourself here.As before, ensure Secure Boot is disabled and boot to the USB stick (see the old post for detailed instructions if you don’t know how).A year and a half on, it’s much easier to get a fully-working Linux install on the Asus Transformer T100TA. Much of the work testing and patching new kernels has been done by Brainwreck and the guys over at the Asus T100 Ubuntu Google group.Remember when nothing really worked, and we had to jump through hoops just to get battery monitoring, or power off working? I’ve been away moving house (and job, and country), so sorry for not being around.This will vary depending on how you installed and your T100 model.On my 32GB model, Grub assigns the USB stick as hd0, the read-only recovery flash chip as hd1, and the main internal flash as hd2.

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