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My focus now is very much on the next gig.”Although the choice may be out of Jason’s hands, as he currently has not been involved in any discussion with ITV bosses about the show.

He revealed: “I certainly haven’t had any dialogue with ITV or the producers about what’s happening next year.“I think, to be fair, we’re all still very much in this series and we haven’t come to the end of it yet.”After last night’s finale fans were involved in a “fix” row, as they spotted something unusual about runner-up Brooke's performance.

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"Well, I've got a really young and gorgeous boyfriend from Venezuela now, so yeah!“I had an MRI scan recently which was a bit unfortunate because I was hoping things might be better than they are and they're not.“So I've got to figure out what I'm going to do now with my back – but it's not great.” Duncan has told how he suffered a massive back injury when doing drag in Priscilla Queen of The Desert in 20.The Dancing On Ice judge appeared on the ITV breakfast show this morning to discuss the final on Sunday evening but talk quickly turned to his criticism of each star’s performance. ”Kate and Ben both replied: “You called Alex bland!Good Morning Britain presenter Ben noted: “You’re lovely and we have good chats but on there you turn into this evil person and are cruel.”“Evil? ” referring to the weatherman, who was booted out in the quarter finals.“It’s not my fault that he’s not a showman,” Jason noted, defending his comments.He told the Sun he recently had to turn down job offers for roles because he could not endure the pain.Duncan said: “It's not so bad when I'm on tour with the boys (Blue) it's just doing a show again. “I was up for a part in Kinky Boots and I couldn't do it because it's a part where I'm in heels again and I can't put that strain on my back. “It's a bit of a worry for me because it's my life.But doctors were able to relieve the trapped nerve in his spine and get the leak under control when he was rushed to theatre.Duncan, who plays Ryan Knight in the Channel 4 soap, has admitted he is considering more surgery when he eventually leaves Hollyoaks."Asked if he would have got the boyfriend without the procedure, he added: "Probably.I've got a fantastic personality and a big d*ck too!

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