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'",- '■•";r^--;;": QUEER'S WAKE \^^^^^^^^S^S;::^^,^,..,i • ' ■■=• •'"• "», 11 a t s a.' C a 1) s . 'Thus Vhepubilc are sui^ At Shakop-e, bu HDl.h CJ...ii'.^ fin Miut-Uj H of a bridge across the river, ' pjigd by them with just such rena na they or L".. it i-t ai §2,--"*-iy of whieh is to be paid each year, ' vr:.nt, either as to v/ritinrr or price, and f,ct l.'.r;j.: Iiotu!

The subicri.ilija prio,* Im o.'i'y abiat half ai much ai» the iloriiiu^j / ! •«pr(«cutativo froai Montana, has iutro- ductd ill Congress a bill to provide for eervico between I'ort Abcr. • ■ if til" s.i 1 l.il'ijl li „„,;j,ir»a Kt loiiity of ;;eiin''! • I'"'" iliirto mb tl^lcg Htos I'his is l L» way i Ls ihlnj ^jt' On Friduy lust the Li-gijlalur* took A wild goose C-Tcuriija to Si. The pub Ue business they v.i Mr his ^rt V-ous Hih-^ianc.', and be tidmitied into Mil the ci'iil and poiiiical rights of his new lionic ; that American citizens liy adoption Hiid t^aturalization ara caiiilcd to all the righ".*, as the United States and lor*ign power-), which cuii be churned ! Potter of Tfred a sabsl Uuto, which w adopted, and afterwards, on motion, '^r Baxter rccuiameuded to be lai4 vn Uvj table. Biiitol'^ bill on the stme subject was then taken up, and 2slr. Bristul thon^'ht his pian Would work more harmoniously, 'i^ui he bad no ©b- jeclions to Mr. Bristol and Daiuels, and favored the ''Dela- no bill," on tlic ground that it took the Belllement o! j;e will be foreclosed by a ml* of fi itl nionrnpcd prcn ises to be n ade by tl SI triif f f Faid County of Siott, lit J nlilic Midncflt tie front door of the Court House in Shakopee in said c f Scott, State of Minnesota, at ten o'cloc K in the fc-renoon of the 2b TM r AT OF MARi H, in the ye»r lfc68, and the j.rocicd.s cf Mich ^alc will be applied to the payment of the sum then doe on said nolo and iri Ortgiifje, and the coe»a iuid ch»ipcs of foreclosure and paid ium of ten dollar.'; solicitor's fees proiidcd by said mort^-affc lo be paid out of tb« |Toceeds of "^uch sale. it-v Iu: r»r K i .-fiii »ai"i tint JOHN l£c MUI ^, at.^ ps. ;t 1 tli.' CHLAl'R^T PLOIV la t So u:v i Mi'im'-on. mm f^'{^n\m note of the 5a M James Kgii^ iiayuli.e I V;? A bill for an act to provldo fur supplying each bonrd uf hchool di. For the protection of railroads arid per- iou4 traveling thereon. Ucss Dunand u.*^ 4iii J county, v\a.«„ with other eminent pcr- 8(ins, dcftatcd before ihe Siato Couvention. Danani's iiaui^ was not btfora the couveuliju as a Candi- da :«? i.'aiii.-ls mov L'd Iu amend by sub-:iiiiting his bill for tlni same. — Wtjii-otice In ilio J'C^A*- i'j U a sluteiscut that M. T«o r«pub'ic.\n, one semi-democratic and \i U9 fttma'o,— a'! aloptod, aui aft '--r wards, on motion, ^r Llastcr rccymmeud'.-d lo be Li4 on \l\j table. Biiitol'i^ bill on the stme subject was then taken up, and ^Ir.

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