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Some parts of the presidency were also flanked by Bombay Presidency.In 1639, the English East India Company purchased the village of Madraspatnam and one year later it established the Agency of Fort St George, precursor of the Madras Presidency, although there had been Company factories at Machilipatnam and Armagon since the very early 1600s.In September 1774, by Pitt's India Act, passed by the Parliament of Great Britain to unify and regulate the administration of the territories of the East India Company, the President of Madras was made subordinate to the Governor-General of India based in Calcutta.In September 1746, Fort St George was captured by the French, who ruled Madras as a part of French India until 1749, when Madras was handed back to the British under the terms of the Treaty of Aix-la-Chappelle of the previous year.The problem was compounded when the Sultan of Golconda started harassing the local officers.The East India Company's administrator Francis Day (1605–73) was sent south, and after negotiations with the Raja of Chandragiri he obtained a land grant to set up a factory in the village of Madraspatnam, Andrew Cogan was succeeded by Francis Day (1643–1644), Thomas Ivie (1644–1648) and Thomas Greenhill (1648––58).Successful wars against Tipu Sultan (1782–99), Velu Thambi, Polygars and Ceylon added vast areas of land and contributed to the exponential growth of the Presidency.Newly conquered Ceylon formed part of the Madras Presidency between 17.

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George, and also known as Madras Province, was an administrative subdivision (presidency) of British India.Judicial, legislative and executive powers rested with the Governor who was assisted by a Council whose constitution was modified by reforms enacted in 1861, 1909, 19.Regular elections were conducted in Madras up to the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939.The Tamil and Telugu territories recovered under the Vijayanagar Empire, founded in 1336.Following the empire's demise, the country was split amongst numerous sultans, polygars and European trading companies.In 1625, another factory was established at Armagon, a few miles to the south, whereupon both the factories came under the supervision of an agency based at Machilipatam.The English authorities decided to relocate these factories further south, due to a shortage of cotton cloth, the main trade item of the east coast at the time.At the end of Greenhill's term in 1652, Fort St George was elevated to a Presidency, independent of Bantam During this period, the Presidency was significantly expanded and reached an extent which continued into the early 19th century.During the early years of the Madras Presidency, the English were repeatedly attacked by the Mughals, the Marathas and the Nawabs of Golkonda and the Carnatic region.The agency was upgraded to a Presidency in 1652 before once more reverting to its previous status in 1655.In 1684, it was re-elevated to a Presidency and Elihu Yale was appointed as president.

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