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It likewise underscores how important it is for Highlands to maintain momentum with our own assessment efforts.Drilling down a bit into the assessment discussions that were taking place at the conference, a key theme was the importance of “closing the loop”.In one of the sessions, it was noted that approximately 90% of all HLC accredited institutions get “dinged” on the assessment requirements during the review process.Obviously, these “dings” range in severity (presumably from scratched paint to a train wreck), but this statistic does underscore the importance that HLC attaches to the whole assessment process.

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Highlands President Sam Minner, left, with VPFA Max Baca, Provost Roxanne Gonzales, Regent Frank Marchi, VPSEM Edward Martinez, HLC Coordinator Brandon Kempner, and Associate VPAA Ian Williamson at the HLC Annual Conference.More broadly, in one of the sessions an HLC presenter listed the five Core Components that are most likely to be cited as deficient in the accreditation review process.These five components are, in order from most frequently cited: Some of the components listed here will look all too familiar to us at Highlands, but the list serves both as a reminder that we are not alone in our accreditation challenges and, more importantly, as a reminder that we need to remain vigilant in these areas to ensure that we maintain our accreditation in the future.We had a great group effort through the probation period; we can’t lose that momentum as me move forward.Wrapping Up, Brandon Kempner After a month has passed, what strikes me the most about the HLC annual conference is how about how significant accreditation has become over the past 10 years.It went from being something schools dealt with only once a decade, in a way that allowed universities to drive the narrative, to being a very rigid, very rigorous process controlled by the HLC.Accreditation is now driven by federal concerns regarding federal financial aid.Both of them will work to make sure we’re meeting all the HLC’s criteria for accreditation and to prepare us for our focused visit in summer 2020. Remember, the criteria for accreditation and the HLC action letter are very specific.I’m excited about this new structure; it will give us more input into the HLC process, and Lee and Ian together will have the time and resources necessary to prepare great documents and materials for the HLC. We no longer have the latitude to do what we want and then align that with the HLC every decade.That’s why we need to keep going to the HLC conference, why we need regular forums and reports to the Faculty Senate.Like it, dislike it, this new regime of accreditation is here to stay, and is likely to become more powerful, not less, over the next few years.

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