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After upgrading, your build will be version to installing this patch please reboot the Veeam server to clear any locks on the Veeam services and when the reboot is done, please stop all the Veeam services and apply the patch.

After installing the patch, please start the Veeam services, open the console and allow Veeam B&R to update its components.

I couldn't understand where my code could possibly be wrong because everything looked the same as how I would write a standard DSC file that I would push to a machine running Windows or assign to a pull server.Summary: Matthew Hitchcock, Microsoft MVP, delves into how to troubleshoot problems in the Azure VMDSC Extension.If you joined me yesterday in Advanced Use of Azure Virtual Machine DSC Extensions, you saw how I created an advanced Desired State Configuration (DSC) file to configure my Azure VM.We can use the following command to list it in our session: Get-Azure VM -Service "My Service" -Name "My VM" | Get-Azure VMDSCExtension Status | Select-Object -Expand Property DSCConfiguration Log The following image displays the output as would be seen in a push configuration using -Wait –Verbose: We see that the issue is that the domain is not found.So how do we check which domain we assigned as a parameter? To update parameter values, I’ll go back to assigning the configuration to the VM as I did yesterday. I don’t have to rush and scramble to do this—I can simply wait until the DSC Extension shows an error, which will stop the process.Please confirm you are running version, or prior to installing this patch.You can check this under Help | About in Veeam Backup & Replication console.We can examine the state, which will show if there has been an error.In addition, the last time stamp tells us when the last event happened.When I start a script, I am used to seeing it run and work.With DSC, we need to trust it to complete and have only a periodic peek.

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