Error updating view in mail invalid or nonexistent document

- Why should our users create separate appointments documents for each day? In the Basic client meetings are OK in Eclipse are shifted by 3 hours. Q: If you get a chance and have more info on "Copy Into", I would appreciate if you could post that please - the way to copy entries and maintain the ID's for workflow. I want to point out that the feature creates a single instance meeting, however.

(Citrix is NOT involved in this issue) A: We see the opposite problem with the times, you probably need to open a PMR. Q: We have some meetings that get corrupt: "Server Error: Memory Allocation requested exceeded 65,000 bytes" . You can right click any entry at the view level and choose Copy into new -- Q: Shouldn't IBM require an end date on repeating meetings? A: I'm not too clear on your question but repeat meetings do have an end date which you can find in the doc properties.

And the fix is literally a single line in the agent. Regarding the purge agent, if for some reason you don't want to purge anything, I would suggest creating a one way replica that does not accept deletions and has a locked down ACL. Use the purge agent in your production replica to keep it at a reasonable size. Best practice is to upgrade the RRDB: Q: In Cluster case , is it recommended to restrict booking to one server? A: We have very few problems with clustering not working correctly. A: We are working on troubleshooting documents fro several areas right now.... A: "Soon" - watch our Facebook page: Q: What is the longest time the recommended for the purge agent 14 days,.. We have lots of disk space, and our users want 30 days in the RRDB history.

Here is my suggestion: Basically, in the SENDNOTICE subfunction find this line: If Instr(datestimes, "*") 0 Then 'if it was reserved by AA, put Reserved By to next line The second 'Instr(datestimes, "Requested")' ensures that the agent doesn't crash. Either server can process the reservations - most problems are caused by issues with the clustering, not the RRDB. A: You can change the value in the Purge agent (not recommended of course). However, if your network link goes down between clusters for some time, you may run into double-booking issues as well.

Q: Book from a Shared mailbox, or direct from the mailbox?

A: You only need RNRMGR running on servers hosting your R&R database.

How can we find out if the reservation has been deleted by the user, admin, or server, whatever, how can we troubleshoot this?

A: We don't have any needed best practices - but we do have an article that has been useful for Q: We find the calendar cleanup utility great for cleaning historic calendar data.Is there a way, or documentation on automating this using Lotus Script for all users?This would be great as it aligns with our retention policy.You can do both scheduled and cluster replication of it to be sure data is safely sent off box as quickly and reliably as possible. A: You do not need to set up both but some folks find they need it.Q: Our practice is as you describe - A comment earlier runs counter to this. Others find that normal cluster replication is all they need.Usually the last one that is modified should be the main document.And with Replication/Save conflicts usually we have to clean those up with an @Delete Document agent, and that's usually how we would get rid of them.Audio Transcript: Q: Question regarding replication conflicts on this Resource Reservation.Sometimes these replication conflicts stay around forever, I just want to know how do you know which document is the correct one? A: Normally what we do is check for the modification date.It will be the same for all meeting participants' copies of the meeting.Then, you can search the hidden $APPTUNID view for that value and delete all documents returned in the search results. Q: Are there best practices on accepting meeting to a certain length. A: No best practices but - common sense says not to create meetings out past your retirement date. We have an issue where Out of Office messages only go out after 4 PM.

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