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Players choose to battle as one of five unique classes in either the EDF (Earth Defense Force -- humans) or the barbaric alien Strogg armies.

We recommend that you uninstall Demo 1.0 before installing the Enemy Territory: QUAKE WARS Demo 2.0.

Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars 1.4 Changelog * Front End Hot Servers listing added to the server browser (includes listing of number of players considering joining the server) * Server browser now updates player count the instant somebody chooses to connect to it * Added panel to the server browser screen that displays the users stats and awards progress * Ticker on server browser screen now links to external web sites * New options available on Play Computer screen * Additional option on the Game Settings screen (Advanced HUD, Respawn Text, Draw Fireteam List etc) * Play Computer New Tutorial mode with pre-set bot skill levels * Key tooltips now briefly pause the game in tutorial mode to help lead the player * Tooltips played in tutorial mode now highlight corresponding HUD elements where appropriate * Additional new tooltips * Updated bot AI for Tutorial mode: bots play less aggressive, assist more and pace the completion of objectives * General Head hitbox for player models adjusted, damage now scales better based on accuracy * New VO added for tooltips * Subtle Motivators added - When players achieve various records in-game they are told so via a pop-up message * Vehicles at the main base of either side are now immune to damage after spawning, immunity is lost when used by a player * Spawning vehicles are now static until used by a player to avoid exploiting * Mines are now highlighted by green or red dots on the HUD * Fireteam leaders are now displayed with White player arrows, fireteams with Yellow arrows and friends with Cyan arrows * Vampire Strike beacon smoke effect has been updated * Revive missions for Medics/Technicians are now Tasks * Matches can now be paused mid-game via 'pausegame' or 'admin pause/unpause' * Player models on the limbo menu now rotate 360 degrees when a class is first selected * Buttons added to mute limbo menu voice tutorial * End game stats screen has been updated with new stats info (Next Award, Rewards gained this campaign, Personal Bests, Mouse over info on map awards like Best Engineer) * Advanced HUD option (moves text, reduces space used by obituaries and moves subtle motivator pop-ups) * Deployables now display the owner's name on Crosshair info * New HUD icons for parachuting/air-shield and Third Eye Camera * Reduced decoy fire rate on Tormentor and Anansi * Reload time increased on Anansi Rockets and Tormentor Plasma Cannon * Reduced damage done to deployables by Anansi Rockets and Tormentor Plasma Cannon * Re-balanced Anansi and Tormentor XP * Basic hacking has had its time reduced and can now also cause damage when hacking an already disabled deployable * Slightly updated effects on Violator * Sniper Rifle and Railgun trails are now more obvious/longer duration * Stroybomb reload time increased slightly * Adjusted the point at which the attacking team gets a reduced spawn time * Progress decay on some objectives has been adjusted * Player's now receive a warning when a turret is targeting them or when they have triggered a mine * Added more support for loading mods * A message is printed on the HUD when someone finishes hacking a shield generator * The game running in fullscreen no longer forcefully captures the mouse, resulting in better multitask behaviour * 'vstr' now evaluates immediately, rather than adding its output to the end of the command buffer * Workaround for certain ISPs filtering out legitimate authentication and match making packets * Multiplayer stereo sound separation algorithm alternative from Quake 4 added, s_ear Seperation Algo 1 to enable (Default and legacy is 0) two additional cvars for control: s_esa1_min Volume (sound never drops below this fraction for either ear), s_esa1_max Window (window size in which volume is maxed, fraction of full range) * Text declarations now take priority over binary ones to make mod development easier * Write Jump Start Demo now overwrites existing files * Added local stats tracking for offline play * Increased XP reward for players picking up your Health Packs, Ammo Packs and Stroyent Cells * Added green repair indicators if someone repairs your vehicle.

Those were pretty much all related to an AVG update, and fixed by adding the steam folder to exceptions.

Not sure if that is what's happening to you since you've only mentioned not being able to open the game, but I thought I'd just mention it. What worked for me was firing up windows in safe mode with networking, running DB (worked).

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