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What I want to accomplish is to clear the message text once the user clicks inside the Textbox to enter more data if needed.I don't have any code to display since I'm not quite sure what is the best s... adding a click event to a label control Hi, Is it possible to add a click event to a label control so that one can make something happen when a user clicks the label? One could of course use a linkbutton control, which has an in-built click event. Label is span control in html call javascript onclick event if you want to call postback event then chk it Details View Control With A Drop Down List Event Problem Hi, All I have a details view control which has some Template Fields with dropdownlist controls within them.Previous posts have said the sqldatasource Updated event has an exception in it, but I don't get any Updated event. Can anyone tell me how to get some clue what is happening?Thanks, Terry Why don't you capture the Sql Data Source's Updating and Updated events and see what's happening prior to the actual SQL Update? I was changing the sqldatasource from one that includes all rows in the table to one that only includes a specific row, the one I want to edit.I am having an issue not with the tab control but with controls that are dependant on the information it provides.

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Here's the button click event that was having an issue: I still don't know why your data is not being updated, but as far as the design is concerned, why not go with Grid View/Details View combination with two Sql Data Sources?Andwhen one of these command buttons is cliked it must go to proper page.I dont know how to wrie an event_handler ,specifically, for...Sounds like a strange problem given that you're not getting any errors. I found that when I used a separate Details View that's permanently attached to the single-row data source everything works fine.I just make one dv visible to add and the other one to update and everything is swell.If I put a datalist inside a datalist and a link button inside the second datalist visually it satisfies my need.However, Command Arguments come from database to linkbutton.You can configure the Sql Data Source2 (attached to Details View) to be in synch with Sql Data Source1 (attached to Grid View) so that selecting a row from the Grid View will synchronize the Details View record.For examples, see the Quick Start Tutorial and look under Data Controls section. had this problem before, it turned out that somehow the bindings of the Update Command Parameters was removed Here is how the Update Parameters tag for the Details View should look like (the most important info that was missing belonged to the "querystringfield" and "type" attributes of the userid parameter.) Run an event whose control is located in Data Presentation Controls Hey, How can we fire an event which belongs to such as a button which is located in Data Presentation Controls such as a gridview.I have a Detail View control and label contol inside a AJAX Update Panel.The Details View has the Default Mode set for insert.

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