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We lay down in the guest room or on the couch so that we don't disturb our spouse again.

Who is going to take care of my family if I don't wake up?

I can hear it now, some of you are screaming that your partners embrace and accept you and your diabetes, and that those devices and insulin are saving your life, for cryin' out loud!

Will anyone be willing to take the reins and take this on?

Type 1 Diabetes Can Be Lonely I know that loneliness and diabetes affect both women and men, but hold your comments because I'm talking about women right now, ok?

And because of the cost, and inconvenience I might add, of a device being knocked off, I always have to consider where my devices are on my body to help avoid that scenario.

We feel proud and accomplished because we know how hard it really is.

Of course, if the prospective spouse can't handle it, then they aren't the right one anyway, right?

This, to me, is just a round about way of saying, will anyone want my daughter?

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