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Long story short I found a guy who I didnt know had a warrant already from another state for kidnapping, who ended up kidnapping myself with a gun out of my house with my children inside, before I ran away.Ultimately he received life plus 10 years in prison and it all started with The same day, a 911 call was made reporting that she fired a gun at him, authorities said.When deputies arrived, the man was allegedly “lying in the front yard motionless” at the Fayetteville home, according to officials.The website claims to have a certain number of members and that another amount register daily. The amount of members stated must reflect the hundreds/thousands of inactive profiles.The inactive profiles are simply taking up space on the website.

The sheriff’s office didn’t say why it took three years for Jones to be charged for the shooting, which she claimed at the time was in “self-defense.” Before the incident, Jones reportedly called Smith to pick up his belongings.With a background in agricultural marketing, he then created a special niche site to separate those with similar values and interests from the millions of other singles out there. Did a background check on him after 3 dates and found out he was a convicted sexual predator and had served 6 years in state prison! This site does no type of background on the people you are communicating with. I have tried dating using apps such as Skout, Meetme, Bumble. I was told to try all that I have already attempted. Another concern I have is that 99% if not more of the profiles are not active.On Farmer's Only, users can expect a farming-friendly website full of singles who already have a lot in common. Started talking to a widower from another state who seemed to good to be true. I created an account on Farmers on 3/17/18 and purchased a one month subscription. Throughout this time I had trouble logging in to my account. I made sure that cookies were not blocked on my phone. I tried two different cell phones without any success. When you click on a profile it shows how long ago the person logged in and the subscription status.then you get to the supposed "new" profiles, Trouble You get "likes" that if you follow up on "No longer exist" I believe they are sending old account "likes" your way to keep you interested, If you search "Whose online" you will soon realize it is the same women all the time.I am willing to bet if you could get REAL numbers there are 8 or 10 to one paying guys seeking \.I hate this site and believe me I have been on good sites. Have tried Farmers several times and always careful to only pay for a 1 month subscription.Rarely had anyone look at my profile although it was comprehensive, well worded and had photos posted.All user reviews posted on Best Company are subject to screening and approval.We reserve the right to approve or deny any review posted to this site in accordance with our Review Guidelines.If I could give a negative review on this website I would.I laugh at the commercials thinking what a joke now a days. The fact that they do not do back ground checks should be the ultimate reason this site should not exist.

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