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Once you’re happy that the chain is clean you can dry it with a clean rag and apply a thin layer of chain lube.

Don’t forget to give the same treatment to the chainrings and cassette!

The sad truth is that very often these hard working winter bikes receive half as much maintenance attention as our summer ready race bikes.

This certainly shouldn’t be the case – the long suffering mile munchers are often experiencing twice as much hardship each week than the thoroughbred race machines will come across all year.

Unless you’re after the ‘train heavy, race light’ effect or simply want a more comfortable set up for the winter, with a proper cleaning routine in place you could skimp on a winter bike, leaving more cash for buying upgrades and more space for bike storage.Spray more degreaser over the chain and cassette – and give them a scrub.Using a gear brush really helps you to get into the cassette cogs.Cleaning your bike regularly will help keep it running smoothly, and it also gives you a chance to give the frame and components a quick once over, giving you a much greater chance of spotting potential problems (such as a crack in the frame) before they develop.Plus, as the video proves, it takes less than seven minutes (even if you stop to explain every step!Just make sure you can bear to fit mudguards for club runs or risk being very unpopular.Whichever bike you choose to ride, a wipe after every ride and weekly deep clean will keep it all running smoothly regardless what the weather throws at you both.If you’ve been searching the internet for an exciting, unique and busy adult dating service for meeting women and men over 50, we think our dating site could be the a great match for you! We offer Filthy Over Fifty uk as the perfect solution for any curious man or woman who wants a discreet and safe environment to explore their filthy side.Our website was established over 10 years ago, so you can be confident that you are getting a quality, original over fifty dating experience.We are always updating and upgrading the tools and features we offer our members.Things like performing searches, browsing photos and videos, reading member diaries, and much, much more.

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