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Beginning July 1, 2018, you will be required to check the PDMP before prescribing some Schedule II drugs or benzodiazepines No.Prescribers are only required to check the PDMP before writing a prescription for a benzodiazipine or one of the opiate drugs listed in Schedule II. It will give you parameters to search for prescriptions for Schedule II, III, IV, V drugs and benzodiazepines.However, they are eligible to do so, and the Georgia Department of Public Health encourages prescribers to register and use the PDMP for their Georgia patients.You can begin using the system as soon as your account is activated by Georgia PDMP.Sterile and Non-Sterile Compounding • Infection control (e.g., hand washing, PPE) • Handling and disposal requirements (e.g., receptacles, waste streams) • Documentation (e.g., batch preparation, compounding record) • Determine product stability (e.g., beyond use dating, signs of incompatibility) • Selection and use of equipment and supplies • Sterile compounding processes • Non-sterile compounding processes 4.Medication Safety • Error prevention strategies for data entry (e.g., prescription or medication order to correct patient) • Patient package insert and medication guide requirements (e.g., special directions and precautions) • Identify issues that require pharmacist intervention (e.g., DUR, ADE, OTC recommendation, therapeutic substitution, misuse, missed dose) • Look-alike/sound-alike medications • High-alert/risk medications • Common safety strategies (e.g., tall man lettering, separating inventory, leading and trailing zeros, limit use of error prone abbreviations) 5.Here is what the DEA says: “DEA individual practitioner registrations are based on a state license to practice medicine and prescribe controlled substances.

Georgia PDMP Understanding Your Responsibilities Delegate Training Help Using PDMP If you have any questions about the PDMP or registering, please send an email to [email protected] or call 404-463-1517.The Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCB) determines whether individuals have demonstrated the knowledge and skills necessary in order to practice as a pharmacy technician.If you’re wanting to become a pharmacy technician, you will first need to pass the PTCB exam.Pharmacy Inventory Management • Function and application of NDC, lot numbers and expiration dates • Formulary or approved/preferred product list • Ordering and receiving processes (e.g., maintain par levels, rotate stock) • Storage requirements (e.g., refrigeration, freezer, warmer) • Removal (e.g., recalls, returns, outdates, reverse distribution) 8.Pharmacy Billing and Reimbursement • Reimbursement policies and plans (e.g., HMOs, PPO, CMS, private plans) • Third party resolution (e.g., prior authorization, rejected claims, plan limitations) • Third-party reimbursement systems (e.g., PBM, medication assistance programs, coupons, and self-pay) • Healthcare reimbursement systems (e.g., home health, long-term care, home infusion) • Coordination of benefits 9.Read the 2016 Opioid Overdose Surveillance Report The Georgia Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) is an electronic database used to monitor the prescribing and dispensing of controlled substances.The PDMP can help eliminate duplicative prescribing and overprescribing of controlled substances and provide a prescriber or pharmacist with critical information regarding a patient’s controlled substance prescription history and protect patients at risk of abuse.You will need your business address, email address, last 4 digits of your SSN, DEA number, NPI number, professional license number and type, primary phone number and health care specialty.The PDMP will give you specific information on your patients’ history of filled prescriptions over the last two years.State authority to conduct the above-referenced activities only confers rights and privileges within the issuing state; consequently, the DEA registration based on a state license cannot authorize controlled substance dispensing outside the state.A prescriber who is a federal employee practicing on federal property is not required to register for the PDMP or to check it before writing a prescription.

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