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Also here you can find new frends, meet new people from different countries.It does not matter from which country you are: USA, Russia, Venezuela, China or India - here you will find a local chat for your country in your language!you write as long as you take it seriously and truly record your thoughts.

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Which two sites first come to mind when you’re bored? Videos are a great way to kill time because they’re long and they’re passive.

You don’t have to do anything — just sit back and zone out and wake back up when the video ends, then rinse and repeat for as long as you want. If you aren’t interested in traditionally “creative” hobbies, consider one of these geeky DIY hobbies instead One useful path to personal self-improvement is through keeping a journal.

Basically, think of it as “window shopping” (or “eye shopping”) on Amazon.

Think about things you’re interested in buying, browse through Amazon’s listings, and spend a whole bunch of time researching each potential product.

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