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This would be impossible with traditional always-on worlds.Third, we give each virtual world a lot of resources so that it runs with great performance whenever it's active.We looked at existing virtual-world marketplaces when we designed our market, and we found that they're very limited in functionality and often lack many of the features that big e-commerce sites such as Amazon have. Our market will make it easy to find items using features such as attributes and full-text search, and it will be fast and beautiful.We've already got some well-known content creators that are preparing items to sell in this marketplace.__Ilan Tochner: Most virtual worlds stay up 24/7, even if there's no one in them.This is very wasteful due to the cost of keeping the servers running.Second, we allow creating many unique virtual worlds.For example, some of our customers are teachers and they let each of their students create their own virtual world.

Worse some have shut down taking their customers money with them.)I recently caught up with Ilan Tochner, co-founder and CEO of Kitely and he was good enough to share some detailed information with me regarding Kitely's present, and its future.__Geek Mom: Can you explain a little in layman's terms why the way Kitely works is better than other virtual worlds?__IT: We are now working on a marketplace for virtual items such as clothes, buildings, and objects that can be placed in virtual worlds.We're very excited about this project because it will make it extremely easy to buy and sell items.While originally based on Open Sim technology for virtual worlds, Kitely has added their own optimizations which makes their user experience low lag.(Something that is the bane of every avatar in Second Life's existence)Kitely also takes a unique approach to pricing.At Kitely we provide virtual worlds on demand: our servers run in the cloud, and we only start them when someone enters a virtual world.This gives us several major benefits: first, our costs are low, and we pass on these cost savings to our customers.Of course they also have community forums and an active blog.But, one of the many things that separates Kitely from all the other virtual worlds currently offering themselves as Second Life alternatives, is the level of professionalism.This is a real company, run by a dedicated staff that is serious about what they do.Kitely has all the signs of being up for the job and around for a long time.

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