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We love being watched, or at least in a public place where it may happen.We don't do it in the open but in places where we could get discovered.

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At this point most stories go into some description of what the lady in the story looks like, but I won't delve into that aspect because I believe that all women are beautiful, making their description irrelevant and also because you'll see the pic attached. My wife and I have been long time fans of exhibitionism and we have a couple of incidents to tell you about.

- Alexisalexis694u2 @ My wife and I were invited to a friends house who had just put in a new hottub.

He was having some guests over to have some snacks, drinks and enjoy his new hot tub.

First we went out to eat and had lots of wine with dinner.

Then we went to a male strip club where we Here is another pic to add with those I posted already.

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