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Maybe its in my head but it felt stronger during the dry down. Anyway, I made a huge mistake of layering this over Dior Addict that was almost done with its dry-down after 5-6 hours with only a faint boozy vanilla remaining, so I figured "what's the harm?" and the harm is that it turns out mixing this with vanilla becomes a rather cloying tobacco-like experience oddly reminiscent of Tobacco Vanille (Which I'm one of the rare few who hates that perfume, again the tobacco is too cloying for me) so actually since a lot of people like Tobacco Vanille, how about this?The natural nature of this perfume is of the same vein as Acqua di Parma Colonia.There is the beautiful citrus note that blends so well with the neroli and orange blossom. There is the slight herbal note of soothing lavender and uplifting rosemary along with angelica with the quiet sensual amber grounding all of it. It’s gentle and ethereal enveloping the skin and the air around you in a cloud of sweet citrus, joyful neroli, soft sweet sensual whispers of amber, relaxing lavender and rosemary…That's my grandmother's perfume & I still buy it for her at a german's specialty shop.Maybe I can convince her to split a bottle of Tom Ford with me ;) Citrus, a watery rubber plastic smell, white floral, maybe some wood.) I'll make this short: it's the exact scent of 4711 Eau de Cologne with better longevity.The scent itself is mesmerizing and spectacular (as is the scent of 4711, upon which this is based).

This fragrance captures that relaxed beautiful attitude of truly enjoying life. this is so funny - when i got my first whiff i said to my friend OMG its 4711! I feel validated that everyone is saying it in here too.Portofino is a place that you wake up at 10am, have a beautiful brunch by the sea, dress sexy, refined, but also casual, never hurry, and maybe take a cruise on a boat.I spent my honeymoon in Portofino surrounded by the glittering deep azure blue/green sea.In neroli portofino forte I find that it has a horrible artificial citrus smell, and fades down to a skin scent in a couple of hours.I think this has better performance although is not incredible but with NPF I feel I have to wait for the citrus to subside before I get the pure neroli scent and then it's gone. With this I instantly smell the neroli and the soft jasmine and the two work better than other neroli frags I've tried although I love adps essenza di colonia but with nb the neroli takes centre stage.This is realy Mediteranean smell, I think more for the ladies then for the man, but very nice, natural and moderate.It is different category from ussual perfumes so is the price. با اینکه چندین کار از سری پرایوت تامفورد را دارم اما رایحه این و کیفیت پورتوفینو مانند برایت نرولی 165 هزار تومنی فراری است اما با قیمت هشت برابر.در برابر رایحه های دیگر سیتروسی مانند رنایسنس زرجف هیچی برای گفتن ندارد.!I can't believe this is not a more popular fragrance given the success of neroli portofino and also Jasmin Rouge.It's like a combination of the two where the sharpness of the neroli is cushioned by the soothing embrace of the Jasmine's white floral tea notes.While it has different notes NP reminds me of Kenzo Pour Homme in many ways. Yes, there is a big similarity, but do not forget that 4711 disappears in a few minutes and is pretty cold and bitter and herbaceous, whereas NP lasts at least 5 hours on me and has a thick, warm, creamy mandarin-amber note that 4711 does not have.Unisex, projection and sillage feel soft from the start but It hung around for a nice eight hours. I'd compare this to typical generic Turkish lemon cologne "Kolonya" before I'd go with 4711 because at least Turkish cologne isn't bitter.

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