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We have some great offers on equipment and programming for you, [discounted long-term contract and 24-month promotions]. The customer service department at Direct TV appears to put customers first.

Did you experience a high level of customer support or did Direct TV place you second.

The customer service department at Direc TV was helpful with our request for information.Direc TV lists phone numbers for ordering and customer service. Customers can search the questions for answers to commonly asked questions.This could save a ton of time waiting on hold just to speak to a representative.When I look at the advanced program for a conference, here’s how I rank the different kinds of sessions: Before the event take the schedule and mark anything that you’re attracted to.Circle the sessions that look interesting, and if two or more occur at the same time, flag the one you want to go to first.Professional conferences take a very conservative approach to training and education, forcing attendees to take responsibility for getting value from the experience.(Planning good conferences and training events is it’s own challenge).However, the unique, personal, and insightful conversations you have with other people can only happen at the event.This means that you need to prioritize spending time socializing with other people.If the conference is well designed, there should be many opportunities to meet people, through small group sessions or social activities.But if there aren’t there are always things you can do to make them happen on your own.

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