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I opted to log out of i Message altogether on devices other than my phone.

There’s a feature on i OS that allows you to ring multiple devices when your phone rings.

Guard Child has researched and compiled a list of Child Internet Crime and Abuse Statistics from: The Pew Institute, The National Crime Prevention Center, The University of New Hampshire, Youth Internet Safety Survey, The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Crimes Against Children Resource Center, Child Exploitation and Online Protection, Psychologies Magazine, Project Tomorrow, FBI, Cox Communications and other resources.

I spent a day this week on an annual overhaul of my digital security. Tech companies are getting hacked.“Dating” websites are getting hacked. In a 2016 Pew Research survey on cybersecurity, a substantial majority of online adults were able to correctly answer just two of the thirteen questions.

Given how much sensitive information of ours is kept in our online accounts, the first thing you can do to beef up your security is to secure the way you log in online.

In the case of i Message, most people set their phones on the default of keeping their messages forever, but this offers a huge trove of potential data to an attacker that might access this data.

We often don’t consider the different ways that applications use our location data, but if unchecked, this can leak more information than we intend to tech companies who track our location, or through social media posts that attach location information to what we share. Not so much a security concern as a privacy concern, but it’s personal preference.

Contacts to see which apps can access your contacts. The risk: You start a social media account which you aren’t ready to publicly broadcast, but your social media profile is attached to your contact list, and the social network sends out a notification as soon as you set up the account to all other people who you know on the network.

That website gets hacked, and it turns out the company stored your password in plain text in their database.

If you re-use that password for another sensitive account (bank, social media, email , etc.) an attacker can use it to access your other accounts.

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