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That truck is still sitting in my yard over 2 years later.

The finance company was supposed to repo but never did.

I applied to some online payday companies but all seem to be some type of third party persons. If any has gotten a loan from them, what are their interest rates?

"Anyone heard of fundingway, its an auto loan company.? " Repayment of loan from a business partner after April 5th?

I have established, good credit (Fico- 720), but my co-borrowers credit is not that good.

When you apply for a loan, would they deny it because the co-borrowers credit is bad?

and how long would it take to get your credit up 21 points.

and how long do you have to wait to reapply for a loan? I have applied for home loan and its approved but its floating rate is 11.75 % is it right rate ?? I've been doing some research on auto loans and was wondering if I could get a second opinion on auto loans.

but we found a house and that we would really like to have and we have two credit cards that are maxed out if we pay them off would are credit go up.

They called and made appts to pick up but never showed. Truck is sitting with a flat tire, battery was stolen, dirty and dusty. Is it legal for me to put a tag back on it and drive it in the meantime?

My landlord said that I may be able to keep the truck now because it is considered abandoned. Is there anyone here who knows about this type thing?

At first the status of the transaction was marked as processing"" and then it changed to ""paid out""; what does ""paid out"" mean?

Was the transaction successful or it has been failed?

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