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This article is within the scope of Wiki Project Physiology, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of Physiology on Wikipedia.Intersex77 (talk · contribs), this is WP: Undue for the lead. If you must add this material, then include it in the Sex determination section that already mentions the topic of intersex people.

This was always intended to be the general article, where the various meanings of sex are explained, distinguished, and linked to." The other view is that when sources on "sex" are not talking about sexual intercourse/other sexual activity or sociological gender, they are talking about biological/anatomical sex, which are terms that redirect to this article and do not solely concern humans.

Anyway, I changed the lead to this, and then to this.

"Male," "female," and "sexual reproduction" should get priority, per the literature.

Perhaps this is just a case of improving the first sentence, in particular, and bringing the rest of the Lead in line with the body, but it's still really not clear what the focus of Sex is, in any coherent way, especially insofar as the second part of the statement above, namely the and distinguishes it from other articles part. ' (Perhaps this deserves its own section to discuss separately?

) Mathglot (talk) , 14 February 2018 (UTC) When it comes to the WP: Lead sentence and how the article no longer seemed to be defining what "sex" is, it was not an improvement and I reverted.

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