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With approximately 194.2 million views in the United States alone, it’s safe to assume to a huge range of age groups regularly visit this app.

While our teens may think they are chatting with a fellow teen, they may really be connecting with someone twice their age.

They can become so caught up winning the app’s games that they forget they are playing with real strangers.

Meet Me possesses an “open-door” policy in regards to its user profiles.

When interviewed over the lawsuit against Meet Me, City Attorney Dennis Herrera stated: “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a company that has been as irresponsible in terms of not advertising the proper privacy protections and actually violating guidelines that the (California) attorney general has put in place.” He also bluntly explained, “The purpose of Meet Me is to allow strangers to interact and meet online.” Although Meet Me is still operating as a thriving social media platform, the negative fall-out of this dangerous app is still present.

Unknowingly, many underage teenagers are still connecting with dangerous predators, completely unaware of the life-changing impact this app holds.

Although the Meet Me app possesses a 4-star Google Play rating and over 100 million users, Meet Me is one of the most dangerous apps available to teens.

This app is designed to closely imitate other popular social media apps such as Facebook and Instagram.

Users are encouraged to chat regularly and even meet fellow users in person.

Your teenager may simply be looking for new friends; they may not be concerned or even aware of the hidden dangers.

Talk with them and help them see the risk of reaching out to strangers or sharing personal information.

As an extra feature, users can also earn “Meet Me Credits,” also nicknamed “Lunch Money,” to build their profile and gain more profile views.

These credits allow their profiles to gain more attention.

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