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A delegate is simply a node (user) tasked to verify transactions on the network.As a reward, delegates will receive x amount of tokens along w transaction fees within their block.Charlie and Roger, as C-reps of their respective community, are now essentially two nodes within the Nexus in a Representation Channel.

Actual calculation of yields can be found here Dash TV.

Solutions such as Futarchy governance model to penalize voters for their elected delegates’ misbehavior, or forcing delegates to stake (but then this becomes POS all over again).

These are topics worth exploring but is beyond the scope of this discussion, so I’ll only briefly mention here.

While a delegate serves similar functions to a masternode, the key difference here is that becoming a delegate takes a very different approach.

Becoming a delegate is quite different from running a masternode, where you can simply stake and lock a certain amount of tokens to secure one.

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