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One way of interpreting the results would be pointing an accusing finger at the Leviticans' agenda of enforced ignorance and infantilization of the American public. Please do not see my arguments as in favour of what you are against.

But you should put more reason into your arguments and attitude.

In my country there is a huge problem of teenage girls getting themselves pregnant to escape pressures of school etc. When people discuss this sitaution they talk about the girls of 15 becoming pregnant as an unatural phenomena. It is the most natural thing in te world for a 15 year old female to become pregnant.

It is only in the last 100 years or so that for the majority of our people a beginning was made to see the social and economic and personal advantages of delaying marriage and pregnancy, etc.

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Well, there are a couple here but none on this site. , one must admit there are pieces of a few here and here.

People in first world countries live in societies mostly situated within huge developed and nice urban areas.

These educated people has societies that were transformed by a mass media linked life style that generalised facts and phenomena on a huge scale - actually distorting human emotional instinct formed over a 100 000 years still being observed in societies living in the rain forest.

Good luck with all of this, I may be a fan of porn but there is a limit. There have been, I think, well over a million views of just this page at this point.

The comments part of the site is a pretty recent addition though. I can think of several reasons someone wouldn’t want to comment on this one in particular including that anonymous comments don’t post.

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