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4/5 4 sprays on my chest, couldn't smell much so added another 3.

During the morning I only got the odd faintest whiffs of myself, it wasn't a cold day either.

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Modern, professional-smelling grapefruit with plasticky fresh vetiver accord.This is a perfectly blended, beautiful, elegant, classy men’s fragrance. Scent: 9/10 Originality: 8/10 Performance: 7/10 (a little soft at times) Longevity: 9/10 Overall: 9/10 A classic!I’m not one to jump on the hype train, but every so often something comes along that deserves the hype. بيست و چهارم خرداد تام فورد گری وتیور ادوپرفیوم رو که یکی از محبوب ترین عطرهایم است رو در امستردام قیمت کردم.برق سه فاز از سرم پرید.یکصدو هجده یورو یعنی با یوروی هشت هزارتومن چیزی نزدیک یک ملیون تومن.امروز که ۲۰ جون است تو فروشگاه سفورا در خیابان شانزلیزه پاریس دوباره قیمت کردم جالبه فقط هشتاد و دو یورو.که قطعا در دیوتی فری فرودگاه باز هم ارزانتر خواهد بود.دیگه این که خودم رو در سفورا خفه کردم. It is so invigorating ,green fresh , surprisingly clean scent, yet the earthiness of vetiver makes it all move away from just that.I can imagine the favorite drinks of guys who wear this parfum: only hard liquors with fine quality... To me this is a definitely a fragrance for a mature man. I can definitely respect this fragrance but it just doesn't really suit me and I feel that it comes off as a bit cold and sterile. Overall it's quite good and the quality is very evident but to me it lacks personality and emotion.Another thing worth mentioning is that while not completely similar to Grey Vetiver, Lalique Encre Noire Sport is an excellent more youthful take on a fresh vetiver fragrance. I wouldn't consider it to be an alternative to Grey Vetiver but people who enjoy this type of fragrance should check it out as well if they haven't already.The fragrance is available in a light flacon shaped like Ford's previous masculine editions, in amount of 50 ml. It can be a classic and modern at the same time, as I said simply perfect !!!This is definitely a fragrance for the distinguished gentleman.In all honesty, this is a outstanding fragrance and better than many other vetiver offerings out there, but this is niche IMO and going to fit a certain person.I get a very Formal fragrance that is certainly best for the mature and established business man, who is the serious type.However, I can't deny the quality of this composition. It is very linear and no frills and I think a lot of people will love that about it.Grey Vetiver is purely just a traditionally strong, solid, clean as "cut and dry", masculine fragrance for very mature men, as they usually say:"Hey, no bull sh*t" :) This is the one that will earn you respect. It's not pretending to be anything that it isn't which is definitely nice.

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