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Athletic, attractive, cute, fit, good-looking, healthy, nice body (for both sexes); handsome, hunk, muscular, rugged, tall, well-built (for males); or buxom, petite, pretty, shapely, slender, slim (for females)Kind, understanding, emotionally stable, mature, dependable, pleasing disposition, likes/wants children, good cook/ housekeeper (based on the list produced by Buss 1989); plus, in addition, giving, caring, family-minded or gentle Overall, in Pawłowski and Dunbar’s (2001: 7) study, females rated resources and social skills higher than males did, while males rated attractiveness and sexiness higher than females did.There was no significant difference between the sexes in respect of commitment, which was “the common overriding preference”, and interestingly, sexiness scored low for both sexes.

However, even in this subgroup, general relationships based on friendship appear to be more important than sexual relationship. The vocabulary and semantics of the online dating ads have not yet been investigated, although a number of studies in psychology and evolutionary anthropology have identified important personal trait categories, such as age, physical attractiveness, resources (current or future earning potential), and commitment to the relationship (Bereczkei & Csanaky 1996; Bereczkei et al. Conclusion Sources and resources References web-based corpus processing software tool for linguistic analysis, in order to compare the language of men looking for women, men looking for men, women looking for women, and women looking for men. Linguistic research into the language of online dating ads is still scarce.Table 1 exemplifies the traits associated with these categories, based on the investigations conducted by Dunbar and his colleagues.The types of words coded for the categories of attractiveness, resources and commitment (to be precise, physical attractiveness, wealth/status and family commitment) were given in Waynforth and Dunbar (1995).Robin Dunbar was involved in a series of evolutionary psychology investigations of different categories of words in Lonely Hearts advertisements (Waynforth & Dunbar 1995; Pawłowski & Dunbar 1999a; Pawłowski & Dunbar 1999b; Pawłowski & Dunbar 2001) where it was reported that men and women attached different levels of importance to the following five categories in online ads: attractiveness, resources, commitment, social skills and sexiness.The purpose of our study is to apply a corpus-based methodology in order to allow a larger scale study of the key words and topics in this type of data.Our focus is the over-50s, as this age group is often overlooked in previous studies.Pawłowski and Dunbar’s (2001) evolutionary psychology study found the five most important categories of words in Lonely Hearts advertisements were attractiveness, resources, commitment, social skills and sexiness. Results 5.1 Whole corpus results 5.2 Men looking for women 5.3 Women looking for men 5.4 Men looking for men 5.5 Women looking for women 6.This paper describes the results arrived at using our corpus-based methodology and compares them with those in Pawłowski and Dunbar's (2001) study.

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