Gentoo kde updating

Same as Arch Linux, Gentoo is an Open Source meta-distribution build from sources, based on Linux Kernel, embracing the same rolling release model, aimed for speed and complete customizable for different hardware architectures which compiles software sources locally for best performance using an advanced package management – Portage.

Because the final user can choose which components are to be installed, Gentoo Linux installation is a very difficult process for unexperienced users, but this tutorial uses for simplification a pre-build environment provided by a Live DVD and a stage 3 tarball with minimal system software required to complete installation.

/dev/sda1 - 20M size – unformatted = BIOS boot partition /dev/sda2 – 500M size – ext2 filesystem = Boot partition /dev/sda3 - 1000M size – Swap = Swap partition /dev/sda4 - rest of space – ext4 filesystem = Root Partition 7.

Use print to show your disk partition current state and remove any partitions (if case) using rm partition number command.

Then supply parted with MB or mib size unit, create the first partition with mkpart primary, give it a name and set the boot flag on this partition.

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Thus, you can use USE flags to set options you want and disable options you don't: you might want to compile everything with X disabled, or with pulseaudio enabled, or whatever.

This tutorial shows you a step by step Gentoo installation simplified single-boot procedure, divided into two parts, using a 64-bit image with the last Stage 3 Tarball, using a GPT partition scheme and a customized Kernel image provided by Gentoo developers, so arm yourself with plenty of patience because installing Gentoo can be a long time consuming process. Before proceeding with installation go to Gentoo Download page and grab the last released Live DVD image. After you burn the ISO image place the DVD in your system DVD drive, reboot your computer, select your bootable DVD and Gentoo prompt Live DVD should appear on your screen.

Select the first option (Gentoo x86_64) which boots the default Gentoo Kernel then press Enter key to continue. After Gentoo DVD content is loaded you will be prompted with Gentoo main login screen which provides the default credentials for live session.

pacman, by contrast, has relatively few options even compared to something like apt.

The Arch Build System allows you to compile and customize specific packages relatively easily, but if you want to set options across your entire system portage is more efficient. If you want really fine-grained control, Gentoo is worth it.

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