George dating a lady jerry dating game theme mp3

Meanwhile, on Jerry’s date, he jokes with Donna about trying out a funny accent.

Even if a person is drinking the same soda from the commercial, there is never the excitement happening in real life.Jerry jokes with her that there is no cake there or anything.Rob and Akiva wondered why it was okay for her to be in her painted apartment, but he couldn’t come up.Rob said that the episode involves the perils of the love lives for Jerry and George.Both have dates on the same night, and both go wrong in their own ways.Akiva noticed how they chose to sit at the counter and not the booth that would become their main spot over the course of the series. George is talking to Carol about how he hates doing laundry so much, his goal is to get 365 pairs of underwear so he only has to do it once a year.His date seems to think this funny rather than gross.ONLY Podcast on i Tunes[/caption] Seinfeld Recap of “The Phone Message” Season 2 Episode 4 Akiva and Rob got together once again to discuss the next episode of Seinfeld called “The Phone Message”.Akiva pointed out that this episode is quite ubiquitous, in that through reruns, he’s seen it roughly 70 times.Rob and Akiva debated if it is the same in 2014, but Akiva said with DVRs and smartphones, he doesn’t ever see a commercial anymore.The beginning scene has Jerry and George walking into Monk’s Diner discussing how they both have dates on Saturday.

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