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The system was made efficient since there was no need to flatten the book pages or align them perfectly.The crude images were worked upon by de-warping algorithms that used the LIDAR data to process the images.An array of lights and optical instruments were used – including four cameras, two directed at each half of the book, and a range-finding LIDAR that overlaid a three-dimensional laser grid on the book’s surface to capture the curvature of the paper.A human operator would turn the pages by hand and operate the cameras through a foot pedal.All instances of the search terms in the book text appear with a yellow highlight.The four access levels used on Google Books are: In response to criticism from groups such as the American Association of Publishers and the Authors Guild, Google announced an opt-out policy in August 2005, through which copyright owners could provide a list of titles that it did not want scanned, and Google would respect the request.In response to search queries, Google Books allows users to view full pages from books in which the search terms appear, if the book is out of copyright or if the copyright owner has given permission.

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The publisher can choose to withdraw from the agreement at any time. that searches the full text of books and magazines that Google has scanned, converted to text using optical character recognition (OCR), and stored in its digital database.The Publisher Program was first known as 'Google Print' when it was introduced at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October 2004.But soon after the technology had been developed to the extent that scanning operators could scan up to 6000 pages an hour.Google established designated scanning centers to which books were transported by trucks.The Google Books Library Project, which scans works in the collections of library partners and adds them to the digital inventory, was announced in December 2004.The Google Books initiative has been hailed for its potential to offer unprecedented access to what may become the largest online body of human knowledge and lack of editing to correct the many errors introduced into the scanned texts by the OCR process.Optical character recognition (OCR) software were developed to process the raw images to text.Algorithms were also created to extract page numbers, footnotes, illustrations and diagrams.Google Books also displays reviews from Goodreads alongside these reviews.For books still in print, the site provides links to the website of the publisher and booksellers.

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