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I hated this job, so I left the brickyard and went back to Canada for a visit.When I returned, I went to work at what was know as the “poor house” (National Automotive Fibers) in Waterford; we tore apart old mattresses to make some type of insulation for automobiles. In order to survive, a friend and I went to Massachusetts and found jobs in a lumber camp, chopping wood to make railroad ties. From there he handled the output of many yards along the river. As he was driving through the woods two miles south of Hudson, carrying a large sum of money to pay the employees of the company, Mr Fowler was attacked and shot by five highwaymen, others acting as signal men, and died two hours later at the Hudson Hospital, September 3,. The salary for an average worker was 1-2 dollars every 10 hours.

One of his sons was Thomas Aldridge born in 1818 and died August, 1892. is about the last yard to operate on "Brickyard Hill." The directory lists the principals as Walter J. (Thanks to Michael Anzalone for the first photo.) The former Brandreth Pill Factory in Ossining, NY built in 1872. They also made a reverse lettered BARTLETT and a "correctly" written BARTLETT. Here is an 1891 map of the Montrose/Verplanck/Crugers area by F. Biers showing Bellefuille's 65 acre parcel and his Brick Yards. Visit Our Verplanck/Montrose/Georges's Island Page. From a museum brochure: "The museum houses a brick display with bricks, brick molds, signs and terra cotta pieces from Berlin’s many brick manufacturers.

I was back at the brickyard in the spring of 1927 driving horses to and from the granulator, earning a week.

That was “big money” then because I was making nothing back in Canada.

C (the letter C having a unique segmented form), have been found comingled with ALDRIDGE scrap. He held many town offices, served on State committees on roads and bridges and towns and villages, was a member of the town school board, town superintendent of schools from 1848 to 1853, and was member of the Legislature, in 1850. Allison was a communicant of the Presbyterian Church, and for a long period as elder. We found a stock certificate dated 1928 for American Brick Co. In "Brick Manufacturers of the United States" Jim Graves lists an American Brick Co.

The large Allison homestead, built in 1821, is now occupied by Mr. So is the name Brewster perpetuated; and the name Tomkins, likewise, in Tomkins Cove. Allison was one of the outstanding men of his time in county and town.

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