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Featuring: Kendall, Bianca, Jason, Carly, Elizabeth, and Gia. And more to the point, would CJ dismiss her again by reiterating that she didn't want to risk jeopardizing their relationship just to satisfy her curiosity?If they were to pursue this-whatever this was-who was to say that it wouldn't end in disaster? Or worse, knowing her ex-husband, who wasn't to say that Jim wouldn't use this against her? The fic takes place during S01 ep.19 [Mission La Roca – Part 1] and explores what Natalie was thinking during the fairly dramatic events.The Devil Wears Prada crossover - Two of New York's most powerful women suddenly met their matches, but it's difficult making the appropriate adjustments.Luckily Andy and Ellen don't leave them any choice.

When not preoccupied by sexual conquest, practicing medicine or avoiding the tragic Oceanside Wellness curse, will Amelia finally latch on to a promising opportunity? Set in the tiny space of time between the Grey's Anatomy Season 4 episode, "A Piece of My Heart," and the House Season 4 finale, "Wilson's Heart."Chloe has been having dreams of Lana since the tornados.But when it comes to their first kiss, Marissa finds herself unsure and questioning herself.Can Alex show her that a kiss isn't just a kiss but it can be translated through different ways?Part of the 'Ground Zero' series and the 'Vampires, Ghosts & Zombies' challenge - Carter has two problems - a horde of zombies overrunning the town and a daughter with an unusual request involving his Deputy.General Hospital crossover - New lives and new loves await Kendall and Bianca when they hit Port Charles. Will Bianca follow her heart and for once not get it broken?But one day when she's distraught and reminiscing on the first time they made love, she ends up posting the letter.Marissa and Alex have been dating for a few weeks now but have been proceeding slowly into the relationship and keeping well in the closet. The band debuted on August 19, 2006, under YG Entertainment. – He is the Kpop idol who earns the most song royalties (for his self composed songs). (Big Bang Best Music Video Collection 2006-2013 – Tonight Making) – His favorite food is Ganjang gaejang (Crab preserved in soy sauce). (Ask In A Box) – His official height is 177 cm (around 5’10”), but his rumored height is around 168-169 cm (5’6.1″). – G-Dragon will be enlisting into the military on February 27th, 2018. XD (Happy Together – BIGBANG Special) – Seungri was originally eliminated from BIGBANG. – When Seungri goes places like restaurants or clubs with others he always pays the bills – even for his band mates – as he spoke about having paid Jiyong’s tab at bars and clubs numerous times.Big Bang Official Accounts: Twitter: @YG_Global VIP Facebook: BIGBANG Youtube: bigbang Big Bang members profile: G-Dragon – He was born in Seoul, South Korea. I don’t know how to cook anything, so I want her to be able to teach me in areas I’m not familiar with.” Also, he likes girls who who run away when he tries to catch them, but approach him and throw themselves in his arms when he stops trying. (Big Bang’s 2016 visit to Radio Star) – When a fan asked Seungri to rank the member based on the looks he said hes on the 3rd, so hes not ugly nor handsome. – He has his own dance academy, named “Seungri’s Academy”. – A lot of well known debuted idols attended Seungri’s dance academy, these include: Topp Dogg’s Jun Hojoon and Kim Sangkyoon, BTS’s J-HOPE, WINNER’s Jinwoo, VIXX’s Hyuk, KARA’s Goo Hara, B. P’s Zelo, EXID’s Seo Hyerin, C-Clown’s Kang Jun, Ladies Code’s Zuny, Laboum’s Soyeon, Lovelyz’s Mijoo, and Nine Muses’s Pyo Hyemi.When Kate has to return back to New York, Alex has no choice but to play by the rules of the program and not contact Kate or else face the wrath of her handler.When the threat to her life is suddenly eliminated, Alex finally has the chance to return to her life in New York and the woman she loves, but after a year of virtual silence, will Kate be able to forgive her so that they can have the life they dreamed of?

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