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The Carnival Horizon just entered service on April 2, sailing from Barcelona. Grammy award-winning musical artist and actress Queen Latifah headlined the naming ceremony in New York on Wednesday.

The Panama flagged ship with a crew of 1,450 carries a maximum number of passengers of nearly 5,000 in 1,967 passenger cabins.

They were to be the first official cruise ship visits of the year, but storms in the North Atlantic forced them to abandon the plan and bypass the island.

It would have been the inaugural visit for the Bermuda-registered Queen Elizabeth.

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They are seasonal because Bermuda, not the Caribbean but 1200 miles north of it, has an appreciably cooler climate in the winter months. It shows highlights and later, where in Bermuda each ship will dock in chronological order, with expected time of arrival and departure, at one of Bermuda's three ports, and more Note that the months of January through March 2018 are among Bermuda's off-season and colder months - not as cold as the Eastern USA or UK or Europe but appreciably colder than in the Caribbean 900 miles to the south of Bermuda.2018. Disney will be sailing five-night cruises that feature two days in Bermuda, beginning in the fall of 2019.

With 15 decks, the ship took about two and a half years to build.

As an occasional caller, it was on the first of its five visits this season.

Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre said the visit made up for a planned call in January that was cancelled because of bad weather.

The Queen Victoria had been due to visit the island with sister ship Queen Elizabeth.

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