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For a website to be accessible on the internet, it needs to be hosted on a certain server with an IP address.This page contains the list of the said IP addresses.

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-d /media/*-d /kuvat/logo*.gif/ -d /kuvat/mainokset/ -d /loggor/ -d /img/linked/ -d /kuvat/sponsorit/ -d /images/*/linkki -d /mainokset/ -d /bilder/*/bannerar*/ -d /festivaalit/images/banner/ -d /images/banner/ -d /images/mainos -d /images/banners/ -d /sponsors/ -d /kumppanit/logot/ -d /portal/page/portal/fma_fi/images/*banner -d /sivu/www/fma_fi/images/*banner -d /sivu/www/veneily/images/banner -d /2009/fme/img/logot/ #

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