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This timber is considered 'best' for fifties-style Teles thanks partly to its appearance and also to its relatively scooped-mid, rich and lively twangin' tone when compared with alder.Premium tag or not, there are still some pretty ugly, dark-coloured knots on the bass side of the guitar.Two decades after rebirthing itself from the ownership of CBS, Fender has itself grown into an enormous, powerful corporation.Now benefiting from two finely honed, huge capacity Stateside production facilities, the big F is nevertheless nimble enough to offer constantly evolving variants on its two favourite guitars.Bought the 212 Deville in 2002 from L&M and this one was made in USA.

This amp will serve you in and outdoors and then some, since then i've added the deluxe, and blues junior to my amp family, and fender keeps giving you that tone, and richness you hope to get in a purchase like this.tubes run really hot so make sure in getting matched sets when replacing..fender you rock!! Killer clean tones, nice sounding reverb and the drive channel really pushes the amp! I'm more into the 212 than the 410 personally and when paired with a pedalboard this will be your best friend!

New Celestion G12P-80 12" speakers tighten bass response and offer harmonically enhanced character when pushing hard in the Drive channel (Deluxe III and De Ville 212 III models) Improved modified tone circuit gives tighter overdrive voice and midrange punch Graduated volume and tone potentiometers offer smoother, more refined and predictable linear sweep Pedalboard-friendly footswitch design is sleek, tough and stage-ready New Fender badge lets you know it's a retooled and refueled Hot Rod amp New black non-reflective control panel makes onstage adjustments easier Hot Rod De Ville 212 III The worlds most popular tube amps just got better!

Fender Hot Rod series amplifiers are found on every stage in the world, large and small, and are used by guitarists from all walks of life.

Being the “First Class” race car driver she is, Jo knows her way around any car.

She is also as comfortable in front of a camera as she is behind the wheel of any Hot Rod.

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