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Uncle Vernom panics and agrees to sign the form only after monitoring how he behaves.But after the arrival of Aunt Marge, everything starts to go out of hand.That is where Dumbledore comes in and asks Hermione to use the Time-turner, a secret on how she had been attending all the heap of classes.

He is about to approach him when a bus appears out of nowhere.

Harry reunites with his two BFFs and gets away from the punishment that he should have gotten after using magic out of school. On the way back to school, some Dementors, the scary guards of Azkaban, enter the train to searching for Sirius Black.

Dementors are happiness sucker, they apparently feed on people’s good memories and leaves them with bad ones.

Harry totally dislikes her and the feelings are mutual from her side too.

After the announcement, Harry blackmails his Uncle saying that if he does not sign the permission for than he wouldn’t keep up with the lie and tell her everything about Hogwarts.

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