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And secondly that when a man becomes stressed he tends to become aggressive, whereas a women becomes overly cautious and defensive.

We can see the effect with young male drivers who take far too many risks and in women who drive ultra-carefully to the annoyance of others.

The cyclist who took the video said: “I Couldn’t hear everything, what I did hear was just swearing, insults, threats and demands for me to stop and fight him.

“Incidents like this are very worrying as you never know if this particular idiot is going to drive into you or not.

I wish all drivers would attend further instruction such as that offered by the IAM as I know it will save lives, make driving more enjoyable for us all and save wasted fuel.

PWS If your article was written to provoke a reaction amongst women drivers I think you may well succeed.

He said the company is urging drivers to consider using more courtesy while driving, “not only to improve safety and the driving experience but also because showing consideration to others on the roads actually eases congestion and reduces delays”.

The survey also showed: When driving, we are prevented from using the normal cues to work out people’s intentions, such as facial expression and body language, so we are more likely to misunderstand their behaviour and interpret it in a negative way.

Of paramount importance is road safety but if motorists feel intimidated or angry they will lack concentration, increasing the danger for other road users, never mind not enjoying the driving experience.

You may change your settings at any time but this may impact on the functionality of the site. NEW FIGURES ON road rage in Ireland suggest that it is not an unusual experience for drivers.

Nearly 40 per cent of the Irish drivers who took part in a Continental Tyres survey of 300 people said that they shout or get angry behind the wheel on a weekly basis.

And given that on Germany’s unrestricted Autobahns, travelling at 100mph has not resulted in the death of a nation, on what grounds did these female experts consider a rise to 80mph, and thereby a de facto limit of nearer 90mph, a bad thing?

Or, forgive me the assumption, could it simply have been that, like the wooliest of sheep, they all thought: “Ooh, speed, scary and bad, we no likey.” Come on, women, give us a break. I suppose it's one way of reducing your Christmas card list!

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