How to avoid updating msn messenger

Learn how to block unwanted MSN messenger spam on today's quick tip.

^M [ Music ] ^M Messenger spam or SPIN can be shut down fairly simply.

After you download and install Windows Live Messenger (click the Start button, click All Programs, click Windows Live Messenger Download, and follow the onscreen prompts), you must create your Windows Live Messenger account. Windows Live Messenger starts and presents the logon screen. Windows launches the Windows Live Web page where you can click to create a new account. Note: If the username you typed is not available, continue typing names and clicking Check Availability until you find one that is.

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The Start page is seen on every start up, if you have selected To turn off MSN News Feeds, select A blank page or Top sites.

Before removal, make sure that you back up all archived e-mail messages that you may have saved on your computer, click You will be unable to access e-mail messages saved on your computer after removing the MSN Explorer software.

You may have noticed, whenever you switch to Edge browser in Windows 10, a page displaying the MSN news feed fills the window. Although it offers quick access to your favorite websites, it can be distracting at times, and some of you may want to disable these news feeds.

If you select Top sites and my news feed, the feeds will show and you will be able to customize the feeds.

You can select the preferred language for the content.

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