How to kiss a guy when your not dating

My thoughts: it’s generally better to know when she’s interested in being kissed and take the initiative.If you’re on the socially awkward side or are bad at reading social cues, it may be better to ask.Even if it was in the middle of a crowded bar and some ugly sweaty dude was flirting with your date five minutes before you made your move – it will of your little slip. Nerd Love Facebook page and Twitter feed and it was almost a 2-to-1 case of “Make the move”, followed by a variation of “It depends/fine either way/I like them both”.Quit worrying trying to recreate a scene from a movie and just be in the goddamned moment. This corresponds rather well with other places where I’ve seen the topic come up (Google “Ask for a kiss” and do your own research): a majority of an incredibly unscientific sampling of women seem to prefer that men make the move rather than ask for it.But even if it was just some making out, it can be enough to send a scared boy running into the night.

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This is only multiplied depending on how far things went.

2 View All Next »There is probably nothing more stress inducing, more nerve-wracking or fear-sweat triggering than the first kiss. ”, “when should you kiss her” is easily The truth is, you’re asking the wrong goddamn question. So I’ve learned how to recognize when someone is receptive to being kissed and how.

Now personally, I’m not a fan of all the nervous anticipation that comes with the end of a date, so I’ll usually kiss her to really work up my calibration.

You’re looking for “the moment,” which is a mistake.

Some people think the moment comes at the end of the date and trying for a kiss earlier is a mistake. Sometimes it’s not a case of waiting for the good-night kiss; some girls don’t kiss on the first date, some do, good for them either way.

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