How to stop quickbooks from updating Dating in botswana

Umm, Alt F4 is the keyboard shortcut for closing a window. Note: This conversation was created from a reply on: HALLEELUJAH!!!!How to disable the quicken 2017 upgrade reminder!!!!! Every time I launch Quicken I get an upgrade ad and I can not use Quicken until I deal with this ad. Too many options out there to put up with that stuff I am still getting this annoying ad twice a week. "Last Change" good I missed my chance now stop sending me the stupid pop up. Don't tell me it's the last chance, yet continue to change the last chance over and over. I also have been using Quicken for many years, and this is the first time I've been this frustrated.I am amazed that quicken thinks this is an acceptable practice. you lost a 20 year customer, I have seen so many other posts saying the same thing. I might have to join the "looking for something better" brigade!

I am unlikely to buy again and have been looking at other options now.

Click on the ‘Disable’ button to turn off the Internet connection. Activate the internet once you have completed using Quick Books.

Right-click on the network connection icon and select the ‘Enable’ option.

Click the ‘Help,’ and then the ‘Update Quick Books’ option.

Make sure that it has an error message that it can’t access the Internet.

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