Html table for updating database java

The end result was that business logic was implemented in the application code and RI was implemented in the database.

However, when you are using object technology and relational technology together you are in a situation where you are implementing structure in two places: In your object schema as classes that have interrelationships and in your data schema as tables with interrelationships.In relational database design the referential integrity rule (Halpin 2001) states that each non-null value of a foreign key must match the value of some primary key.In the 1970s, when relational databases first came on the scene, the standard implementation technology was procedural languages such as PL/1, Fortran, and COBOL.The important point is that business logic could be deployed to a wide number of platforms, to any of the boxes shown in Figure 1, as could entities. It is important to recognize that software development has become more complex over the years.For example, a new browser-based application could have Java Script embedded in the HTML code to perform simply data validation, the primary business objects could reside on the application servers, these objects in turn invoke several web services which wrap access to procedures deployed on the mainframe, and several stored procedures that encapsulate shared functions are implemented in the three relational databases accessed by the objects. One of the main reasons why the object-oriented paradigm was embraced so ardently by software developers is because it helped them to deal with this growing complexity.Also assume that we’re working with a fat-client architecture, built in Java, and a single database.We would have the same issues that I’m about to describe with an n-tier architecture that involves a farm of application servers, but let’s keep things simple.A similar situation would occur if you had deleted order item B – now my order object would refer to an order item that no longer exists.This assumes of course that the database is the system of record for these entities.Figure 1 depicts a simplified deployment architecture diagram to provide an overview of the situation that developers face on a daily basis.Note that you may not have all of these platforms, or they might be connected in slightly different ways.

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