I love new york dating show

Is it because she was right about Flavor Flav not picking her for a second time and from then on trusted her mother's solid opinions?

The show is silly and disgraceful to all the men who appeared on the show.

"The thing that I like the most and respect the most about producers -- I have to understand, they’re watching the story unravel behind the scenes, so if they give you a nudge and they give you a push, it’s just to make sure that the story is progressing," explains Pollard, who had her "jacked up" boobs fixed on E! "I think that they know how to pair you with people who you can’t stand," adds Manigault. "So I have had to really refuse to get into any kind of physical altercations on TV because it’s forever." Pollard sees it a little differently -- telling Harvey, "I think you can't avoid 'em!

"I got into a room with Piers Morgan, and I completely dislike Piers Morgan. And ironically, the producers kept making sure that we had to negotiate deals together and that didn’t go over so well for Piers." Luckily for Omarosa, those heated moments never escalated. " For Steve, the sometimes brutal beatdowns are what really bothers him about the genre.

"The real problem I have is specifically for young girls of color.

The problem I have with it for young girls of color is that there are not enough empowering roles on television to give them something to aspire to," he tells the woman.

"Versus 'Basketball Wives,' a woman getting up, climbing across a table to jump on another woman …

But why does her mother has to be involved in New York's decision-making?

Again just like "The Flavor of Love " these men are all suppose to be interested in New York.

But unlike Flavor Flav New York ridicules these men's character and behavior especially the ones she don't approve of.

Also pictures of Wood posing nude have been traveling around the web.

See more » I can't believe I've sat and watched this show for an hour and a half.

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