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Algerian Arabs, the major ethnic group of the country, constitute 80 percent of Algeria's people and are culturally and politically dominant.The lifestyle of Arabs varies from region to region.Its name is Arabic for "the islands," and it is believed to be a reference to the 998 kilometers of coastline beside the rocky islands of the Mediterranean.The country is mostly high plateau and desert with some mountains.

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They were shoved up against a wall, harassed and clubbed by performers dressed as police officers. However, one moment hit Hysell harder than the rest. Did they turn violent at the sight of white women hanging out with black men?On a hot summer night in July 1967, Julie Hysell’s life changed forever.The 18-year-old Ohio native was visiting Detroit with her friend, Karen Malloy, and was holed up in the Algiers Motel as the race riots raged nearby.“The biggest day for me emotionally was when the not-guilty verdict was read,” she says. I had to leave the set.” Hysell lost touch with the men and women who survived the night. “I saw her about a year later at a mall, and she looked at me, and you’d have thought she saw the Ghost of Christmas Past. To this day she freezes up when seeing the lights of a police car. “I wonder: Is this why I drank and have been in AA for 22 years? “I felt guilty because I was a white person and the black people were the ones who got killed,” she says.She ran out of that mall.” Hysell rarely opened up to friends and family about the Algiers Motel incident. “If we’d been two black girls, maybe none of this would have happened.” Hysell, now a 68-year-old mother of four and grandmother of five, has seen the film and praises Bigelow and screenwriter Mark Boal for capturing the turmoil of the night with so much care and detail.Participating in the production helped Hysell heal.“I don’t think I processed a lot of what happened until making this movie,” she says.“I’m shocked that 50 years later this is still happening,” Hysell says.“I’ve tried to raise my kids and my grandkids with the idea that everybody should be treated equal, no matter your color or your sexual preference or whatever. Algeria is an Arab country in Northern Africa that gained independence from France in 1962.Bordering the Mediterranean Sea, between Morocco and Tunisia, Algeria is more than three times the size of Texas.

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