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In some cases, the number of existing English variants is really intimidating.

Generally, transliteration of Russian names into Latin is English-oriented now.

His surname, Van Lancker, is Belgian and while its meaning is unclear, the prefix “Van” is a preposition meaning “of” or “from” and is traditionally capitalized in Belgian names.

The surname commonly refers to a house (common or noble) or signifies ancestral relation to a particular place.

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Bear in mind that your name should be written in the same way in all of your travel documents because discrepancies may lead to problems when travelling.

They look like humanoid demons as you'd find them in most folklore.

Horns, claws, intimidating physiques, angry faces, and many other traits are very common, but there's a lot of variation within them all.

But many Russian names were transliterated according to the French language in the past, and transliteration on the basis of French was the norm for names and surnames in our travel passports until recently.

As a result, French-oriented transliteration variants of Russian names are still common.

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