Intj dating infj

One of today’s most popular and widely recognized typologies for human behavior is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) which was built in large part upon Jung’s theory of four psychological functions (sensation, intuition, feeling, and thinking) and attitudes (introverted vs. While Ancient Greek myths and characters continue to fascinate us today through numerous remakes and movie adaptations, a new breed of mythology and archetypes has appeared in the last century via superhero comics. What follows is an overview of today’s most popular temperament typology, using some of today’s most popular and recognizable archetypes as examples -- superheroes and super villains.Cyclops ENFJs are loyal helpers and idealistic leaders who see the big picture and are deeply committed to work they believe in.Jean Grey has the same dominant function as Professor X (intuition), which is why she is committed to his vision and why she is a good romantic match for Cyclops.If they weren't mutants, INFJs would probably be career counselors, teachers, interior designers, artists, or novelists.Whereas INFJs hide their creativity, INFPs hide their sensitivity.Underneath their calm and cool façade is a great but restrained intensity of feeling.

Does anyone remember the Bruce Banner from the 80s T. show, the socially withdrawn and emotionally reserved drifter who said “leave me alone,” yet helped a stranger in every episode at great risk to exposing his terrible secret?Jubilee has good raw ideas, but like many ENFPs she lacks the discipline to follow through on the details.If Jubilee weren't one of the X-Men, she might be a musician, actor, communications consultant, or fine arts professor.He’s dating Jean Grey because they both see the vision of Professor X.If he weren't a mutant leader, Cyclops would probably be a public relations specialist, marketing executive, management consultant, or CEO of a non-profit organization.They provide creative and charismatic leadership and help others fulfill their potential.In their enthusiastic rush towards the next challenge, ENFJs sometimes make hasty decisions without gathering all the facts.They are often perfectionists who are sensitive to criticism.INFJs have difficulty working in tension-filled environments, being direct, attending to details, and being spontaneous, but they have a clear vision about serving the common good.And why was Banner looking at gamma rays to begin with? Idealistic, empathetic, perceptive, and quick to see possibilities, INFPs want an external life that is consistent with their inner one.They have the ability to work well alone and focus on one issue or idea in depth.

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