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In fact, there are lots of charts out there that say which types are most compatible. In fact, certain people have gone so far as to leave their partners because they saw that they weren’t compatible in a chart someone probably threw together in 10 or 15 minutes off of flawed personality research. It’s all too easy to see your partner’s differences and see them as weaknesses or traits that need “fixing”. This is especially true in intuitive/sensor relationships.

They enjoy brainstorming and jumping from idea to idea to imagine how things could play out.Introverted Intuitives (INFJs, INTJs, ENFJs, ENTJs) form long-term conclusions and strategies for how things will most likely play out.They think visually, using many abstract symbols to make sense of their perceptions.They trust facts and personal experience, and are very observant of what is happening around them.They are less focused on theoretical possibilities and more focused on the needs of the day or practical planning for the future.Extraverted Sensors (ESFPs, ESTPs, ISFPs, ISTPs) live “in the moment” and are usually adaptable and easy-going.They are extremely realistic and tend to think quickly in a crisis to solve problems.They are very detail-oriented and they trust what they know through personal experience.They remember facts with incredible accuracy, and can easily spot inaccuracies and changes. Just as a right-handed person can also use their left hand, so a sensor can also use intuition, just less comfortably and with less mastery. We all tend to seek out someone who will “complete” us and give us a sense of balance in our lives.When I check my email every day, the majority of my messages are filled with questions about compatibility between different Myers-Briggs® types.People want the theory of personality type to tell them which types they will or won’t mesh with, and that’s understandable. What bothers me most is that people are using those charts as a reason to stay away from potential partners or a way to see problems in their relationship they wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.

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