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When setting up DNS records, perhaps your DNS host is awesome (I like and and allows you to adjust the TTL within a decent range (1 second to 24 hours - tbh I’m not sure if there’s an upper limit? However, having too high of a number set for TTL and your local and ISP caches will last longer, and therefore your friend may not be able to see your Glorious TODO App™.

Likewise, having too low of a TTL may overload the server with the frequency of queries.

Here is a captured UDP datagram in which you can see dnsmap was querying for You can easily see the Question Record - the name of the record, type, and class. Surely you knew this was coming - you can easily create your own DNS forwarder with Twisted’s names.

When I was playing around with DNS, I wanted to figure out what’s in my local DNS’s cache. Below is a simple DNS server from Twisted’s documentation.

So as I let this sniff function run, I went to my browser to type in and pressed enter with Chrome’s autocompletion.

These autocompleted DNS queries seem more of a thing that Chrome does (and perhaps other browsers) to speed up navigation to frequented sites.

Sure - it’s the backbone of the internet; it’s a safe assumption that the cloud itself is build on DNS and duct tape, but that’s about all I knew. DNS is necessary for you to: Truthful joking aside, DNS stands for Domain Name System, and is widely referred to being a phone book, translating human-readable names to computer-friendly addresses. a distributed storage system for Resource Records (RR). With the textbook definition out of the way, let’s see it in action!

I ran dnsmap against for funsies while running the earlier described sniff function from scapy.

As well, being able to look up the full DNS zone file is rarely allowed. There’s this handy tool called dnsmap that literally brute-forces subdomain lookup: only returns about 4 results even though - as one of the managers of the site - I know there’s way over 20.

So don’t exactly expect the results to be comprehensive, nor fast since it’s literally searching based on a built-in word list one at a time without multithreading.

the Security Council with unsubstantiated accusations, Lebanon should focus its efforts on participating productively in the trilateral forum, which Israel regards as the most effective forum in which to address routine incidents.

le Conseil de sécurité avec ses allégations infondées, le Liban devrait porter ses efforts sur une participation productive au Forum de coordination trilatérale qui, d'après Israël, est le moyen le plus efficace d'aborder les incidents de routine.

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