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Most participants are fearful of a public “badge of desperation” because of past perceptions of lonely-hearts columns and online chatrooms.This, though, is not the case in one central Dublin bar on a recent Wednesday night.The logic behind the Supper Safari, organised by founder Avril Mulcahy (29), is simple: “Einstein said it’s insane to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results . Solicitors, sommeliers, band members, radio-show presenters, artists, boutique owners and business people are among the Supper Safari crowd.

Round the sizeable, however, backwards were apparently inevitably, since they motionless no men or matters and little property.

It’s a “bit naff”, concedes Mulcahy, but it’s designed as an ice-breaker conversation starter. this was a social enterprise, not a dating enterprise.

If regular chit-chat fails, the option remains of salsa dancing on the main floor and regular old speed dating in another corner. There was no agenda and it was a brilliant night.” Some of the participants were controlled, restricted, fearful, some divided off into city versus rural categories, some were of a “critical age” and seeking to meet someone. You had some people who were clearly damaged by past experiences, lost and wanted something out of the night. while people like myself were just enjoying the night,” says Gallagher. There should be no stigma.” And while many will simply treat the night as they would any other and remain in tight-knit groups of men or women, others mingle and meet.

In the UK, everything from table football and karaoke to silent speed dating is available.

In California, they have moved on to vegan speed dating.

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