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When first reorganized, and for many years, it comprised all the territory within the present boundaries of the county lying east of Grand river above the mouth of Parson's creek. It contains 12 school rooms, besides basement and cloak rooms, and is fitted up in modern style with special regard to the comfort, health and convenience of pupils. His widow subsequently emigrated to the United States and is now a resident of Hanover, Kan.Cream Ridge, Wheeling, Medicine and Rich Hill townships have all been formed out of the territory which originally composed Chillicothe. It is, beyond doubt, the most elegant building of the kind in North Missouri, and is probably not excelled in all its appointments by any public school building in a city the size of Chillicothe, anywhere in the United States. Engelbert upon coming to this country first settled at, Columbus, Neb., but in a year and a half he went to St.

A few lots were sold in Jamestown, and a store-house built at an early day. And even in 1880 the census showed a total population of only 4,078, an increase over the census of 1870, ten years before, of but 100. They came originally from near Cologne, in Aix-la-Chapelle, a locality which furnishes the best artists in wood work, for as all know Rhine carvings are much sought after at the present day.

At the mill he returned with the information that the place could be captured, but that in doing so somebody would be killed; and that the Federal fortification could not be taken without the loss of a dozen men. On another page (see chapter VII.) an account is given of the dispersion of a force of rebels under Joe Kirk by Col. As there are some errors in this account it is deemed proper to correct them here; for since the account referred to has been put in type statements have been received from Capt. Several business houses of the city do a large jobbing trade, and carry from ,000 to ,000 worth of goods. Louis for a year, then returning to this place, where he has since remained, aiding by his industry in doing much for the city and advancing her interests to a greater degree than would ho expected.

George Spickard, who commanded the militia, and from other parties conversant with the facts. Spickard says that while in camp at Chillicothe, August 22, 1862, he received orders from Col. Chillicothe, having competing railroad lines, both to Chicago and St. November 23, 1883, Miss Jennie Gladieux, a native of Stark county, O., became his wife.

We struck their trail, but they soon commenced scattering; this bothered us a little, but we pursued at a double-quick, and just as we struck the bottom prairie we came in sight of them; they struck angling up the bottom some two miles and into the river timber; we fired a few shots at them at long range. The town was named for Chillicothe, O., the county seat of Ross county. - or as it was originally spelled Chil-li-co-a-thee - was laid out in 1796, and named for an old Shawnee Indian town in the vicinity. The winter of 1885 - 86 brought three new enterprises to Chillicothe. Jerry Fohey; Johanna was married in 1864 to Robert Hesp; Ellen became the wife of Jerry Hafey, in 1869; Peter married in 1871 Miss Johanna Haley. Slattery November 3, 1881, and they have three children; Maggie, born April 24, 1862, married Frank Brogan February 24, 1882, and they have two children; Mary, born July 24, 1863; John, born in May, 1866, now deceased; Joseph, born December 27, 1866; Frank, born October 9, 1870; Thomas, born May 9, 1872; Clemmie, born April 24, 1873; Julia, born October 18, 1875; Kate, born February 22, 1876; Bessie, born April 24, 1878; Michael, born May 9, 1879. In these days of money-making, when life is a constant struggle between right and wrong, it is a pleasure to lay before an intelligent reader the unsullied record of an honorable man.

We soon struck the river where they went down the bank and found they had turned down the river about 200 yards. The name is Shawnee, and signifies the big town where we live, or our big home. The next incorporation was by act of the Legislature, approved March 1, 1855, which made the town a city. In the latter part of December, 1885, the town was first lighted by electric lights now in complete and successful operation. To the youthful it will be a useful lesson - an incentive to honest industry. Grace, the subject of this sketch, was born in Hampshire county, W.

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